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View Full Version : Vintage B&O

12th February 2007, 20:07
hi all,
i know it's not really hi-fi as such but i'm after an office system for my new house. no way i'd blow the 500+ quid for that one you wave your hand at but as all i NEED is an amp there are quite a few on e-bay that would do quite nicely in a retro chic kind of way. also it appeals to the 12 year old in me that lusted after one when i went shopping for hi-fi with my dad - hey i liked space 1999 too what can i say i'm a product of my time.
anyone know if there are any stand out models, gems, bargains, whatever - is there a 'nait 2' or pioneer a400 or nad 3020 of the b&o world. bear in mind absolute sound quality is not a priority here - source will be a squeezebox 1 with no dac so not the most revealing of sources. it has to be ok and work (and keep on working for as long as possible) but aesthetics also play a part - possibly the major one.
if there are other things / makes i should be looking at then feel free to speak up. plus points include - things that move using electrickery, honking big vu meters, flashing lights, touch sensitivity, that kind of thing. bloke stuff you know.
oh and price should be as low as possible but i have a bit of wiggle room if something good comes up - £100 is the ballpark but a bit either side is ok.

12th February 2007, 20:25
amstrad made a version of the B&O open sesme, for £100
maybe that might suit.....

maybe not

12th February 2007, 20:40
not really no - probably the wrong place to ask i guess...

13th February 2007, 00:35
Depends how far back you want to go. In the 60's B&O was a serious contender in the Hi-Fi market before it went down the style over substance road.

13th February 2007, 01:57

I'm with you; I think there's some great visually appealing older B&O stuff to use as a basis for a 2nd/3rd system.

I keep looking for a decent B&O turntable for my bedroom system, but the prices on ebay now seem quite high, so they're obviously becoming collectable.

Have you tried PM-ing "BeoBloke" on WigWam? From the name, I'm presuming he's in the know.

13th February 2007, 02:06
I'm pretty sure RobHolt had a B&O vintage thing, he may know a bit about it. I seem to remember it never worked right though so reliability may be an issue here.

Personally I always liked the Bose (I know! :( ) Lifestyle systems. I might have a punt for this one if I were you.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BOSE-LIFESTYLE-MODEL-5-MUSIC-CENTER_W0QQitemZ320078848333QQihZ011QQcategoryZ398 21QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Everything except display and CD player work (so you have an amp and tuner and audio inputs), just perfect for you to add a squeezebox to really?

Chea Johndle
13th February 2007, 07:58

Used to have a B&O 3000mk2.... I thought it was quite good at the time... and some B&O 5702 speakers... sad innit??...

13th February 2007, 08:35
thanks guys,

si, i'd spotted that bose but no psu which makes me suspicious as he sways hes tried it.....

13th February 2007, 10:05
how about # 250082431721 on ebay?

13th February 2007, 10:33
yeah that ones on my watch list - there's a nice white set ending soon which i might take a snipe at. and some others too. just wondering if there were any stand out classics in the range.

13th February 2007, 14:30
Chea Johndle, just noticed your signature - are you involved with Vertex in some way?

16th February 2007, 16:41
I just spotted this, may be of interest.


Looks like a careful owner and all boxed up. Normally sell 2nd hand for £500 so the aking price of £250 is good..

16th February 2007, 17:06
Chea Johndle, just noticed your signature - are you involved with Vertex in some way?

IIRC, Chea Johndle's real name is John Cheadle. Perhaps that's a clue;).

Chea Johndle
16th February 2007, 17:13
Most serpently:cool:

16th February 2007, 17:39

I'm with you; I think there's some great visually appealing older B&O stuff to use as a basis for a 2nd/3rd system.

I keep looking for a decent B&O turntable for my bedroom system, but the prices on ebay now seem quite high, so they're obviously becoming collectable.

Have you tried PM-ing "BeoBloke" on WigWam? From the name, I'm presuming he's in the know.

Beobloke actually pops in here now and then but under a different name - that would be me then! :D

As to older B&O, go for it! Some of their older stuff was surprisingly good as well as being stylish, and a good starting point is the Beomaster 2400. The folks over at www.beoworld.co.uk know even more and there are comprehensive guides to most stuff B&O made under their A-Z listings.
If you fancy a 2400, things to watch for are blown bulbs (minor irritant) and leaky caps (major irritant as the unit will refuse to come out of standby). You should be able to pick a good one up for around £60-£100 depending on condition.

The B&O turntables are really best avoided unless you have money to burn or are really keen. They are actually quite good but will only take B&O cartridges and the only source for these now is a company called Soundsmith in the USA, who is B&O's approved remanufacturer. Prices start at $149 for an MMC4 replacement and rise to $649 for an old MMC20CL replacement. :eek:
Stylii on their own are not replaceable either, you have to do the whole cartridge.

As for Bose, they are not fit to be mentioned in the same thread as B&O IMHO..:mad:

16th February 2007, 19:58
Most serpently:cool:

Sorry for hijacking the thread Julian...

John, may I ask what function acoustic absorption has in the application of mains filtering?

17th February 2007, 08:28
well after being mr sensible and waiting e-bay out. i'm now the owner of a beomaster 5000, beocord 5000 and master control panel 5000.
these (aparently) are what most of b&o's 80's and 90's range of hi fi are based on so a bit of a classic system - as far as i understand anyway.
best bit - it only cost me £77 and from a b&o dealer too. pick them up today hope they sound at least half decent.

17th February 2007, 08:50
Any pictures?

17th February 2007, 14:04
not yet - need to get them set up in my bedroom and to do that i need some 2 pin din plugs for the speaker cables. i've plugged them in and checked that everything works / lights up / moves by electrickery and it all seems ok. jsut hope it plays music now.

here's a link to the auction..

there's a pic of sorts there.

19th February 2007, 18:24
Nice purchase and a good price!

You're right that the later Beomaster 5500/6500/7000 were based on the 5000, but the 5000 has better build and sound quality.

19th February 2007, 20:53
A good friend of mine is using one of these...


...with Wilson Benesch Arcs :eek:

Actually they look fab together and if one doesn't push the volume too high it sounds very good indeed.

19th February 2007, 23:22
I got an old B&O system for £25 from a charity shop a couple of years back:
- Beomaster 901
- Beogram 3000
- and a pair of Beovox S22 speakers

Not as flashy as your 5000 but worth every penny. Somewhat soft and veiled, but relaxed and pleasant and serving as a combination of an extension system (a cheapskate's multiroom configuration) and PC amplifier. Fed from an external aerial I also get good FM reception.

The foam surrounds on the bass/mid units are finally shot now, so I need to work out if they're worth refurbishing (probably DIY) or they should be scrapped.

Remember that B&O's continuous move towards 'style over substance' wasn't really to supress the importance of substance - I think they have always believed very strongly in audio quality and not just based on measurement - but just that (perhaps) a higher proportion of the original purchase price went on the style element than with other manufacturers. You pays yer money and you takes yer choice.


20th February 2007, 08:13
certainly b&o have the style thing down (if you like that kind of thing) but what I didn;t realise was that they seem to always been at the cuting edge of functionality. my kit is from the 1980's yet you are able to programme very crude playlists using multiple sources, control one device while another is playing, tweak volume levels for each source individually, send music to a second room. the remote control is bidirectional too so it is synched to the kit - so altering the volume onthe unit or pressing play on the tape will mirror on the master control panel.
i'm really hoping that this sounds not too bad. getting the cables today so should be able to report this evening or tomorrow.

20th February 2007, 18:44
well got the right speaker plugs from the local b&o shop and a cable that connects my squeeze box 1 to it (which didn;t work so i dug out an old naim din to rca and a kak red and white phono cable which does)
speaker cable is qed 2.50 a meter cheap crap.
speakers are sealed box eltax rears with spring clip terminals.
sounds bloody good - for something that cost about £150 quid (if i factor in the 2nd had cost of an sb1 and the cable).
sound is clear and clean with good bass (considering the speakers) it throws out a credible sound stage even with mp3 source material - not tried a flac yet.
i'm really chuffed with it. was expecting it to sound ok but not great but this sounds damn good. my respect for b&o just went up again.

20th February 2007, 23:00
Nice one Julian! :)

The photo above doesn't do full justice to the 9000. It just oozes style. Everything on it is touch control. The cassette deck and cd player are hidden behind panels which glide out of the way. In a darkened room that red and green light show looks a million dollars. I love it.

21st February 2007, 08:36
yeah i'm actually tempted to keep my eye out for a beocenter to use in the bedroom of my new place. the current one will be going in the office but i quite like the idea of tunes in the bedroom now (which is where my current one is residing). i;ve got a nice 70's ambiance going there at the moment - do they still make shag pile carpet......
e-bay here i come...

23rd February 2007, 21:25
I've been looking for some active speakers for the bedroom to use with a Squeezebox.

Does anyone know if B&O did an earlier version of BeoLab 4000 -- http://www.beoworld.co.uk/beolab4000.htm -- that might cost less than £200 on eBay?